The schedules and the various author discussions are now up for all three sessions over on the schedule page. Over three sessions, how's this for a list of wonderful presenters? Kat Richardson, Ellen Klages, Rachel Swirsky, James Van Pelt, J.A. Pitts, Brenda Cooper, Daryl Gregory, Nancy Kress, Fran Wilde, Jack Skillingstead, David Levine, Greg Bear, Devon Monk, Diana Pharaoh-Francis, and Susan Matthews.

Retreats draw near


Just over a month until session #1! Things have been a bit more hectic wrangling a THIRD session, so all in all, I'm a bit behind where I usually am at this point. But attendees are getting room assignments soon, and a little later, a schedule will be coming with specific information. 

There have been fewer cancellations this year--at least so far--and we still have about 20 people on the wait list.