Wow. What a wonderful three weeks of writing! This year saw the inaugural year of session 3, and those upstarts took it to sessions 1 and 2 with a total of 277,500 words written! But the numbers were fabulous for all three sessions. My rough estimate of words written in all three sessions: 700,000+

Congrats, too, to word count king Mark Edwards from session 2, who finished with just over 42,000 words written! Honors for session 3 went to Maggie Croft, with 34,000, and session 1's Randy McCharles finished with 30,400. 

There will be 3 sessions again next year! Stay tuned for registration for 2016!  ~Patrick
Two sessions are in the books! The third session starts tomorrow. Can you even STAND the thought of having to wait another year for your chance to try the retreat out for yourself? Stay tuned after the retreats, and keep an eye on the website for your chance!