We're ready to go! There's been a bit of a cold snap, a bit of snow, but things are warming up and all should be well going forward. 

Attendees, check out the Retreat 2018 page for useful information, and if you keep scrolling down, you'll find tips and hints for optimizing your retreat experience.
As I write this, there are only 6 weeks left until our first retreat of the year! We've been full for a long time, and we've had a good-sized wait list (at one point, 35 writers strong), but it still doesn't hurt to get on the list. As a matter of fact, at the moment, my list is down to 18. We always have cancellations, and the bulk of them come in December and January. 

I'm working on a fabulous program for all three sessions, with talks by professional writers.
Who wants to write in the rain next year? Register now to get in on the coolness.

[edit: only spots in 3rd session remain.]
Three sessions. 100+ writers. Rain, flooding, snow, sunshine, and--lots of writing and good times. Thanks to everyone for a great year! 

Registration will open sometime between the end of March and early April. Keep your eyes on the site. The sessions fill up lightning fast once the registration module goes live.
First session of this year's retreats starts next Wednesday. Hard to believe it's here already! The schedule for all three sessions is available for a looksee, all attendees and rooms have been organized, and badges printed out. Also, you can now look at the attendee list and see what areas of the country folks are coming from.

There's a lot more to do on the retreat director's end of things, but all is proceeding nicely to give all 105 attendees a wonderful writing experience! 

From Near and Far


Who goes to the Rainforest retreat? Ever wonder where these fine writers are from? 

Well, sure, we get a lot from the Pacific Northwest, naturally, particularly Washington State: Seattle, Port Townsend, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Everett, Federal Way, etc.

But we get some folks who travel quite a bit. From this year's list of attendees:

Oregon, Colorado, British Columbia, Alberta, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Missouri . . .

And now...the first retreat is less than two months away! Oh....and don't forget to get on the wait list. I've gone through four names on the list in the past few days alone. (Even writers on the wait list have their plans change.)




That didn't take long. And I'm sorry for those who blinked when registration went live at 7 p.m. Thursday night. One session was sold out in 20 minutes, and all three were sold out by 9:30. 

However, don't despair. You should go forthwith to the "Contact Us" page and send a note to get on the waiting list. There will definitely be some spots to add when the dust settles, and I see how we're doing on accommodations availability. Plus, there are always cancellations. I've had waiting lists as long as 35 people and I've gone all the way through it. 
Send us a note! Click on this orange-y text!

2017 Registration


Forthcoming! Will you be ready for the onslaught of regisration (aka feeding frenzy)? 

The dates for 2017 are now finalized. See the 2017 Retreat page for more info.
Hard to believe, but the start of the 2016 retreats is just a month away! With that comes notice of the events schedules for all three sessions. You can see them here.
It's December, and only a few months away from the 2016 retreats. December and January tend to be the months attendees have to cancel, and often, I'm whipping through the wait list because those who were on it, didn't keep the dates open and scheduled something else, and so now they can't go. And so I go to the next person on the list. At one point there were 20 on the wait list. Now I'm down to 5, and I have a few more spots to fill. 

So if you were wondering. If you were thinking: I'll never get to this retreat at this late a date. If you were secretly hoping...get on the list!